My new smile by London Whitening.


“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do”—Mother Teresa

Whether you encounter a disagreement or face an unpleasant situation, plastering a charming smile on your face can often become difficult. Be it a below the standard commute experience or a job you do not like, know that a random smile can still bring incredible and positive changes within. Where a genuine smile is rendered as a sign of pure joy, a forced smile can also bring amazing changes in your mood.

Needless to say, a pleasant smile sufficiently reduces stress and helps in lifting the mood but it brings more than that to the table, a smile is also contagious. Not just that, a smile contributes positively to the environment. Where it carries the beautiful sentiment of pure joy and radiant happiness, a great smile boosts confidence and elevates personality traits. From making one feel younger, relaxing the mental and emotional status, a smile goes a long way in developing stronger paths for optimism as well.

What makes a great smile?

Since a smile is deemed as a happiness-indicator, know that it is the only key needed to unlock inner peace and true happiness. Where it uplifts the overall personality, a great smile depends on various key factors—that are measurable and scientifically proven.

A great smile is highly dependent on how presentable the teeth-set is. The length and alignment of the teeth and the number of gums visible are a few of the crucial factors. However, a perfect smile is not all about white and straight teeth.

Here’s what the professional orthodontics have to say about a perfect smile:

Teeth display: A perfect smile is more about the right kind of display of teeth; the art is in presenting teeth without revealing much of the gums or simply by using the lips to hide the teeth.

Straight teeth: The teeth should not be tilting inwards or sticking outwards. A set of straight teeth are preferred as they enhance the smile.

Wide smiles with no dark corners: Full smiles are bewitching and mesmerizing. A perfect wide and full-face smile reveals more teeth and less dark corners of the mouth.

The arc of your smile: An arc is what adds aesthetic value to the smile. A well-defined smile arc forms only when the upper lips align well the curvature of the lower lips.

Facial proportion: One of the most noticeable things about a great smile is the distribution of the teeth. The teeth should evenly fill in the entire smile area, in a way that it goes well with the face and does not stand out the overall appearance.

The perfect bite: A proper bite signifies a perfect smile. Achieve the perfect bite and end up with a beautiful smile.

How to accomplish that perfect smile?

Let’s accept the fact, most of the foods and beverages that are consumed on a daily basis are not healthy and good for our teeth. However, in order to achieve pearly teeth, bidding farewell to the regular consumption of caffeine and other beverages or even smoking might not be the only option left.

From super cheap to ultra-expensive, the markets are filled with all sorts of teeth whiteners. The industry is generating revenue and benefitting numerous customers with its amazing and innovative products. These products are specifically designed to add a perfect touch to the smile and improve the appearance as well; most importantly they protect the teeth from stubborn stains.

The best part of these kits is that they give you pearly whites without damaging your smile arc or enamel. It is more of a cosmetic improvement than dental surgery. Although the treatment takes days and weeks, the results are quite extraordinary.

These teeth whitening kits are probably the most advanced way to look young. Where many dental surgeries provide painful procedures and have the possibility of leaving behind a damaged tooth structure, these whitening kits give the best possible result in the most conventional manner. By experiencing the advantages of whiter teeth, people who use these kits become more cautious of their dental healthcare over time. Getting whiter teeth might be the best reason to use these incredibly beneficial dental-makeover kits.

Are you looking for an advanced yet inexpensive option?

Even though many teeth whitening kits promise to whiten up the smile, the peroxide present in these kits exposes the person to certain health threats. Excessive exposure to peroxide can be hazardous and should only be prescribed by the dentist. Whitening kits with peroxide are of great help if used as directed and instructed.

What if an advanced, inexpensive and peroxide-free whitening kit is introduced in the market?

Presenting the London Whitening Kit, a professional whitening system packed with amazing features that come with a highly affordable price tag. Also provided with one of the most teeth-friendly formulae, this LED-activated teeth whitening kit is all that is needed to get positive results in just a few minutes.

Consisting of the ingredients similar to the famous HiSmile Whitening kit and a price tag less hefty than it, London Whitening’s teeth whitening kit comes with an amazing gel formula guaranteed to provide a whiter and brighter smile.