Before you start


For whiter teeth first you have to look after your teeth with a good hygiene routine. We recommend investing in an electric tooth brush, a battery one will do but if you can, get a Philip’s sonicare it’s the best on the market. A good one is £30 on amazon right now. 

Tooth paste, now this is very much personal preference but try not to use a paste which is too abrasive, most toothpaste now have a gentle whitening effect by scrubbing surface stains away but the paste won’t penetrate the tooth like our whitening gel does to help whiten teeth from the inside out. 

Our personal favourite:


The very best time to whiten your teeth is just before bed combining your normal dental routine. Flossing, brushing, whitening, etc when you whiten your teeth immediately after it is important to avoid any dark food or drinks for at least two hours and avoid any acidic foods/drinks as a must.

Tip: if you have a dark drink try to rinse your moth with water immediately after to wash any surface residue which might sit on tour teeth this will help to prevent staining long term.

Your teeth will be more open to staining immediately after using the kit so take care not to undo all that whitening by drinking a large coffee or can of soda. The down time helps your teeth recover and you’ll really notice a shine.